The Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme is for teaching assistants who are, or who have the potential to be, outstanding in their roles. It is intended to develop the potential for Teaching Assistants to have a wider impact on improving the quality of teaching and learning across the school.

OTAP enables teaching assistants to:

  • place a greater emphasis on the purpose and value of the lessons they support
  • raise levels of engagement and achievement in learning
  • use different methods and styles of support to challenge learners
  • innovate and take risks
  • have a bigger impact on the planning and assessment for the learners they support
  • demonstrate a higher level understanding of teaching and learning
  • be able to coach colleagues to raise performance

The programme focuses on a range of aspects of teaching and learning such as challenge, engagement, assessment, differentiation, questioning and planning. There are facilitated practical sessions and lesson observations at the host school, with linked practical tasks back in the participants’ own schools to apply what they learn.

The programme enables delegates to share ideas and strategies to help move their schools forward. Delegates gain confidence in feeling able to voice their views and ideas, and feel empowered to take the lead in their development as “learning assistants”, with a focus on facilitating the pupils’ learning experience.


This programme is for teaching assistants who are, or who have the potential to be, outstanding in their roles


Head teachers and delegates are telling us that the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme is having a huge impact on the role of the TA in the modern classroom


Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme

The date for the next programme is not yet confirmed.