Headteachers Group

All the Headteachers from the schools in the partnership meet once a month to share learning, information and insight, and also to ensure direction and momentum within the partnership.

The focus of the group is on how working together they can improve the outcomes and develop opportunities across all the schools as well as within each individual school. The group explores where it wants Luton Futures’ learners to be, not just at 16, but beyond that to support successful transitions into other education opportunities, employment and training upon leaving school. This long term perspective is supported by working closely with the local authority and other key stakeholders.


The Deputies group identifies areas where the Luton Futures schools will benefit from working together to share ideas, implement changes and share and embed best practice. The group facilitates partnership working in these areas and reviews the impact of the collaborative work. Currently, the schools are working together on a number of areas including the implementation of the new GCSE specifications.


The Teaching and Learning group has at its core a strong focus on students and their learning. Group members meet regularly and work collaboratively by sharing research, resources and CPD opportunities.

Currently, as part of a key focus on the impact of effective feedback, plans are being made for a student conference where students will work together to explore the power of effective feedback.


The Luton Futures Business Managers Group meets on a half termly basis to share information, ideas and best practice.

School Business Managers oversee and strategically lead the administration and support functions in their schools. They play a vital role at Luton Futures schools with responsibility including budget and financial management, human resources, contract management, premises management, IT and health and safety.