Luton Futures Conference sparks Creativity

The conference began with an address by Monica Austin, Headteacher followed by an inspiring motivational speech by Keynote speaker Steve Ingle on the theme of 'Mindsets', considering how teachers within all the schools can implement Growth Mindset strategies within the classroom.

Fun presentations and lively activities followed, punctuated by a soundtrack including 'Jaws', 'Countdown' and 'Pink Panther Theme' tunes. Conversations are lively.. and all this before lunchtime!

After a spectacular lunch, groups hear the second part of Steve Ingle's speech and were able to see actual examples of how these strategies are applied direct within schools.

Schools hared good practice with regard to rewards and praise and then the whole room became the stage for a short group activity with a hidden agenda based on Growth Mindset, along with marshmallows and spies!


The day was very popular and everyone who was asked to comment afterwards had positive things to say.


•       83 % of the delegates found the keynote speaker very useful.

•       87% of the delegates felt it was a very useful networking opportunity.



“Thank you for the hard work that has gone into delivering this INSET.”

“The presenter had an in depth knowledge of the topic. I enjoyed every minute of it.”

“Really enjoyed the mixed tables and all of the interactions.”

“I think the table top activities especially in the morning were very pertinent and helpful to get us thinking re: things we need to consider.”

“This conference has reinforced my understanding of mindset and has made it clearer on how it impacts on my teaching.”

“This session has allowed me to reflect on my teaching and how it helps to develop a growth mindset.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to work with others.  I shall try to foster a growth mindset when giving feedback to

students and focus on the learning areas of improvement instead of praising the outcome - more the effort involved.”



“It will shape an environment for success in my assessment starting next week. Each lesson will feature GM language.”

“Aim to challenge all students.”

“Instant refresher for using growth mindset language.”

“Re-think how I motivate my students.”

“Made me think again of what I should be doing every lesson - re-evaluate the whole concept.”

“Awareness of mindset as a barrier to learning and strategies to overcome.”

“Think carefully before I speak - change my words.”

“A better overall understanding of the leaning mentality some students bring into the classroom.”

“Motivated! Looking forward to try some strategies.”

What participants feel will be the longer term impact

“Plan lessons to challenge all abilities much better.”

“Students all demonstrate growth mindset and make some progress.”

“Try to embed this mindset into all lessons and make it explicit to all students at all times.”

“Helping my own children to achieve their potential.”

“I would like to focus more on changing my own mindset, moving towards the growth mindset.”

“I would like to motivate my students and parents to explore the growth mindset and encourage then to move towards the growth mindset.”

“Department - "I can and I will".”

“Students to be more independent for GCSEs.”

“To ensure that long term I need to bring a positive growth mindset to my team as well as students.”

“More engaged students making better progress.”

“Include growth mindset in SOL.”

“Process orientated praise can impact on a students’ resilience.”



Excellent organisation! Hats off to the planning team. Your work on the 3rd Jan when everyone else was on holiday is greatly appreciated.