Languages trip to Magdalene College, Cambridge.

A group of Year 10 Icknield High School students recently enjoyed a day trip to Magdalene College, Cambridge. The group of 10 students took part in a Languages workshop, designed to encourage an interest in studying languages at university in the future.

The group met with university staff and took part in a Q&A on the importance of studying and speaking foreign languages throughout school and into further education. They then had several taster sessions in a number of different languages including Arabic, Portuguese, Russian and Mandarin. This gave the students an insight into languages they had previously not learnt, and encouraged them to see the value in studying languages other than the classic French and German.

The small group of students responded positively to the workshop, especially when they were told of the different language options at university – such as studying a language combined with another subject. The day motivated the students into raising their language and further education aspirations.

Icknield High recognises the value of foreign languages and a spokesperson said, “We want to encourage our students to be able to use more than one language. Learning other languages and valuing other cultures promotes tolerance and understanding at home and abroad. Also, employers are placing more and more value on those who can offer an additional language.”